“The Running Foot and Ankle Doctor”

Dr. Jeffrey Katz took up running seriously on a dare about 20 years ago. Since then, he figures to have logged about 45,000 miles on his feet and knees. After initially suffering from painful heels and shin splints, he obtained relief with the use of actual custom functional orthotics. He truly put into practice and experienced for himself what he had been preaching for years as a foot and ankle physician and surgeon. He found out what most runners, or any active person had always known, and that was that he actually felt better all over when he ran. He knew that by simply "not running" anymore, or "doing something else" did not make him feel any better. Dr. Katz has spent the last 25 years involved in the study and research of the human foot and ankle. Being an avid runner, as well as a board-certified surgeon, has allowed him to better understand how and when to treat the ailing athlete. Because of his intense appreciation that the athlete has to continue to compete, or just have fun, his philosophy is to help the patient return to his or her chosen activity as soon as possible.