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  • St. George Marathon 2004

    St. George Marathon 2004

    Crossing the finish line in 2004. A couple of things to remind me of the warm day that it was. First off, note the runner in front of me and to the right. He is going down in a heap from exhaustion. Then as you look at the two guys behind me looking back over their shoulders, another runner has gone down completely. He was really wobbly as I went by him further back up the street. Those of you who have run a few marathons realize that these things come with the territory, especially if the thermometer rises and runners fail to hydrate enough.

  • Dana Hills Turkey Trot 10K 2004

    Dana Hills Turkey Trot 10K 2004

    This was my youngest daughter Kimberly's first race. For those who have run in this event, you can appreciate how fun it is. Thanksgiving morning, running along the beach and harbor in Dana Point-my only job was to slow her down from sprinting the whole race! Way fun.

  • Fontana Half Marathon

    Boston Marathon 2004

    The granddaddy of them all. Don't let this floor mat fool you- this is not the finish line! Ever since the infamous Rosie Ruiz incident years earlier (when she caught a taxi to bypass the entire middle part of the race and eventually crossed the finish line as the "winner") marathons have used various means to track its runners. This is one of many such spots. The Boston is truly unlike any other race. The history, pageantry and exclusivity of the event are incredible.

  • Boston Marathon 2004

    Boston Marathon 2004

    The start of the Boston Marathon in the town of Hopkinton. It takes between 10-15 minutes to even cross the starting line to begin once the starting gun has sounded.