Runner's Page 2008 -----

  • Newport Rhode Island Marathon 2008

    Newport Rhode Island Marathon 2008

    My favorite race of all-time. Ben was in his third year of medical school on Texas. When he expressed a desire to run a marathon, we found a race to fit his busy schedule. We met up with the 50 states ladies on the famous sailing island of Newport Rhode Island. The race meandered throughout the island, capturing the essence of a fall in New England. But by far the coolest aspect was the chance to run with my eldest, Ben. Never to be forgotten.

  • St. George Marathon 2008

    St. George Marathon 2008

    Running up the hills with Dave Taccone in the one and only rainy St. George in the 20 years we have been doing this together! It was actually quite refreshing and a nice change of pace from the usually warmer weather here.

  • Big Bear Marathon 2008

    Big Bear Marathon 2008

    This was the inaugural race up in Big Bear. It was absolutely gorgeous around the lake and fairly brutal as we made our way up to the ski resorts towards the end.