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  • LA Marathon 2009

    LA Marathon 2009

    The great experiment. The one and only year that the race wasn't held on a Sunday. The new owner of the Dodgers, a Boston transplant, purchased the rights to the LA Marathon. He wanted to upgrade the stature of the race to more resemble the Boston Marathon. Since Boston was run on a patriotic holiday on a Monday, he tried to change the date to Presidents day in February. When the brilliant LA City Council vetoed that idea, he settled for Memorial Day. Despite cries from some that the weather would be intolerable for a marathon in May, Mother Nature came through in a big way. Cool temperatures prevailed which made for a very cool run throughout the city of Los Angeles.

  • St. George Marathon 2009

    Running with Shalice Pugmire in her first marathon. Always tons of fun to run with first-timers, especially at St. George since it is so familiar. Got her qualified for Boston! I know, it's just not fair to qualify in your first marathon.

  • Palos Verdes Half Marathon 2009

    Palos Verdes Half Marathon 2009

    Running the streets on a cool foggy morning, overlooking the Pacific.

  • Big Bear Marathon 2009

    Big Bear Marathon 2009

    This is Dave and I running lakeside on the beautiful shoreline of Big Bear Lake. The second and unfortunately final running of the Big Bear marathon. The race sponsors pulled out- bummer.