Patient Testimonials -----

I took a horrible fall and broke my ankle in 3 places. Dr. Katz performed surgery and repaired my ankle and I am back to walking and am in my normal shoes. Thank you. .

Elodia D, C . 05/08/2011

Dr. Katz is a very caring and great person. The staff is very efficient, especially Kathy. Our visits are always very pleasant.

Patrick M. 04/07/2011

The staff is great. I love Kathy - So delightful & friendly office. - On time. - Dr. Katz is smart and wonderful.

Lu L.

Painfree walking and & standing if this sounds good to you check out this site. They take care of all your paperwork and you end up with happy feet. I love them and so will you!

Lisa A. 03/22/2011

Dr. Katz & his staff are a wonderful example of an office with a caring spirit! I have had foot problems for years and Dr. Katz is the only doctor that has resolved my issues. Whenever I call or visit, his staff takes care of me like I'm his only patient.

Jan F. 03/21/2011

My wife and I have been seen Dr. Katz for many years for preventative care. It is nice to have someone looking after a part of me I don't pay much attetion to.

David R. 03/18/2011

We have trusted Dr.Katz for many multiple injuries and three different sets of feet and ages 13 to 48. Everytime we received the best care. They were even able to help with old injuries and prevent further sports injuries. Thank you!

Kevin, Michele & Hannah B. 04/04/2011

The cheerful and friendly office atmosphere is just the beginning. Dr. Katz skill hands do the rest. My bunion problem is completely resolved without complications.

Mary-Lou J. 03/25/2011

Dr. Katz is a wonderful podiatrist! I had terrible foot pain whenever I walked longer than 30 minutes. I came to Dr. Katz who fit my feet for orthotics and they have been pain-free ever since!

Alison Z. 05/13/2011

Dr. Katz along with being a good doctor is a very nice person. I'm not afraid to go to his office for my toes up keep and see his smiling face.

John S. 11/30/2011

Thanks for everything. I like your new carpet – Love your helpful office staff. I don't have to wait long hours. He is wonderful, caring and very smart. I will miss you!

Julie W. 05/24/2011

Dr. Katz is the best. Not only is he a great doctor but he's really cool! Loves music and knows all about silk screening.

Josh G. 06/24/2011

I have recommended your office to my neighbor and she was so pleased to meet Dr. Amin – All I can say to Dr. Amin, "Thank you so much for the wonderful care. My toes feel wonderful! I can walk again.

Gail C. 08/30/2011

Office was easy to locate. Very Friendly and helpful. Very professional & up to date equipment.

Richard D. 05/20/2011