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TOPAZ is a quick, simple and minimally invasive medical technique now available for the treatment of painful tendons and fascia. We are most excited  and have had great success in treating chronic, painful Achilles Tendonitis. The TOPAZ MicroDebrider utilizes patented Coblation® technology, designed to specifically treat tendons and fascia. To date, over 5 million Coblation procedures have been performed. The TOPAZ technique has been associated with quick return to daily activities allowing for significant improvement in patient outcomes. Since launching TOPAZ with expanded indications for tendonotomy in 2005, TOPAZ has offered a minimally invasive alternative for thousands of patients for the treatment of tendons and fascia.
How TOPAZ Works

Through a small incision, approximately an inch long, the TOPAZ MicroDebrider is applied on and around the tendon for half-second duration treatments placed a quarter inch apart to form a grid-like pattern. With every fourth application, the device is inserted deeper into the tendon- approximately a quarter inch in depth. Small amounts of tissue are removed as a light application of radiofrequency energy is guided into the tissue. TOPAZ treatment typically takes less than 20 minutes to administer. Patients are ready to leave the clinic once recovered from local or light sedation.

TOPAZ is a minimally invasive technique, requiring only a small incision for treatment purposes. Additionally, since the TOPAZ MicroDebrider preserves the anatomical structure of the tissue, it allows for quick return to activity.
TOPAZ Procedures

TOPAZ technology is an innovative, new medical technique for the minimally invasive treatment of tendons and fascia. Ideal for soft tissue treatment for the foot and ankle, shoulder, elbow and knee, TOPAZ has been associated with quick return to activities of daily living. It has excellent application  for those with a chronically painful, sometimes swollen Achilles tendon. This painful condition, if left untreated, can be quite debilitating and can sometimes lead to rupture of the Achilles tendon.

The TOPAZ Advantage

TOPAZ provides patients with a minimally invasive alternative to surgical debridement. This enables a much quicker return to activity with less down time. It is a quick, simple, minimally invasive procedure.

  • Precise Surgical Technique
  • Designed to specifically treat tendons
  • New Percutaneous Technique
  • Single Application protocol

Improved Outcomes

  • Fast rehabilitation
  • No Complications reported
  • Quick return to activities of daily living (ADL) to activities of daily living.

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