Wounds & Ulcers -----

Wounds and ulcers come from many sources, including traumatic accidents, ulceration, fissuring of the skin, or a non-healing sore. Medical conditions that complicate and prolong wound healing are peripheral vascular disease, diabetes, fractures, venous stasis, infection, constant pressure from shoes or beds, and others. We look at each wound systematically and work to restore the normal skin layers. Controlling and eliminating infection is always a primary concern. Diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, and vascular ulcers have different treatment options depending on the depth and severity of the wound. Debridement of unhealthy tissue is important to stimulate healthy tissue to form. We utilize offweighting devices such as walking boots, splints, and special shoes when necessary to decrease the pressure against ulcers. Specialized wound care topical ointments, products, and medicines are also essential to promote healing. In cases of trauma, surgery may be necessary to restore the normal bone architecture before a wound can properly heal.